Why Won’t My Phone Accept Jail Calls?

can't connect phone call in jail.

Why Won’t My Phone Accept Jail Calls?

Have you ever had the annoying issue when your phone won’t allow you to receive a call from someone who is in jail?

If this has ever happened to you, you are not alone. We’ll examine the reasons why your phone won’t receive calls from prison in this post, along with possible solutions.

Understanding Jail Calls

Inmates are not permitted to contact anybody they choose; instead, they must use a list of phone numbers that have been pre-approved, making jail calls different from ordinary phone calls (sometimes referred to as “authorized numbers”).

A call from a prisoner to an unrecognized number will not be received.


Phone Company Restrictions

Your phone won’t take calls from prison partly because of limitations imposed by your phone network provider.

To stop unlawful behavior within prison systems, phone providers have the authority to restrict calls from specific numbers, including those from correctional institutions.

Initiatives for prison reform often go hand in hand with this approach.


Apps that block calls

It’s also conceivable that you have a call-blocking program installed if your phone won’t take calls from prison.

However, if a prisoner tries to phone you from a correctional institution, the call may be stopped by the app.

These programs are intended to prevent calls from undesired numbers like telemarketers or fraudsters.


Account Balance for Prisoners

The cost of inmates’ phone calls is on them.

A prisoner could not be able to make any more calls if their account balance becomes too low.

This implies that even if you are calling a permitted number, the call could not go through if the recipient’s account does not have enough money.


Issues With Network Coverage

Your phone may sometimes refuse to take calls from prison owing to network coverage concerns.

It’s possible that calls from correctional institutions won’t reach you if there are signal issues or other technical issues in your region.


issue with network coverage on phone



Q1. How can I find out whether my phone number is approved to receive calls from jail?

A: To achieve this, get in touch with the prison and ask them to add your number to their list of permitted users.


Q2. Can I unblock jail calls on my phone?

Absolutely. Contact your phone provider and ask them to remove any call blocking for inmate calls.


Q3. Can I use a different phone number to get calls from the jail?

A: Unauthorized numbers, like as a friend’s or relative’s mobile, might be added to an inmate’s list.


Q4. What should I do if I’ve tried these options and I still can’t receive calls from the jail?

A: Get in touch with the jail or prison and ask for help. They may be able to provide you with additional information or help you fix the problem. Or you can chat with a live phone expert here and they can help talk you through how to solve the issue.


Q5. Are phone calls from prison free?

A: Calls made by convicts must, regrettably, be paid for. Typically, either their account or prepaid phone card will be charged for the fee.



There may be a number of reasons why you are having trouble taking prison calls on your phone.

Your phone provider may have rules in place or an app installed that prevents calls from inmates; other possible contributing causes include network coverage difficulties or a problem with the inmate’s account balance.

By understanding these components, you may take action to fix the issue and make sure that you are prepared to answer prison calls when necessary.

Don’t forget to get in touch with the prison if the issue continues.


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