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How to Unlock Samsung Ativ S to Use Any Carrier

Unlocking your Samsung phone can open a world of options. Whether you’re looking to change carriers, circumvent significant roaming charges while overseas, or just aim to maximize the potential of your device, the key is to unlock it. Within this instructional guide, we’ll guide you through the procedure, ensuring you have a seamless experience.


By unlocking a Samsung phone, you remove the carrier-imposed limitations. This lets you use your phone on any service, anywhere in the world.

Why Unlock Your Samsung Ativ S?

Freedom to Choose Any Carrier

With an unlocked handset, you aren’t limited to a single service network. This means you can shop around for the best deals and services that suit your needs.

Heading out of the nation? You can avoid those enormous roaming fees by using a local SIM in your unlocked device.

An unlocked handset has a more significant resale value. Many prospective purchasers lean towards unlocked devices due to their versatility.

Some network providers restrict particular capabilities. Ensuring your phone is unlocked allows you to use all of its capabilities.

{A SIM or carrier lock guarantees that the phone can only be operated with the network of its original carrier.

{To guarantee that customers fulfill their contract terms, especially when acquiring a phone at a lowered price, carriers use phone locks.

Moreover, they promise a money-back guarantee, speedy delivery, and continuous support.

When it comes to the range of unlocks available online, we lead the list, serving the most networks and nations. Our service is both swift and intuitive, offering various payment methods such as PayPal, card, or even crypto for those inclined.

Navigate to the carrier unlock tool at the top part of our website and, from the dropdown of brands, choose ‘Samsung’. From there, decide on and choose your unique Samsung phone model.

Each phone has a separate IMEI number. It plays a critical role in the unlocking journey. Press *#06# on your handset to access it and input it into our site. It’s imperative to supply the exact IMEI when undergoing the unlocking process. Inputting a wrong IMEI, even by a single digit, can lead to a unsuccessful Samsung unlock or an erroneous unlock code.

On the country list, pinpoint and select where you either obtained the phone or the location it’s locked to. After that, pinpoint the specific network that your phone is now associated with. This detail assists us in unlocking it from that precise network.

After selecting your phone model, input the required information and proceed to the payment. It’s crucial to offer a accurate email, as the unlock code along with the steps will be sent there.

When you submit the order, waiting for the unlock code is the following step. Even though there may be some variation in the waiting period, we’re recognized for our speedy delivery.

After your unlock code has been created, an email will be sent to you, with the code and detailed guidelines. It’s vital to adhere to these instructions attentively to avoid any issues.

Input the unlock code into your device following the guidelines in the email. With correct submission, your phone will unlock, letting you connect to any network in any country forever. Should you face any error prompts, examine the email’s troubleshooting part. Still dealing with problems? Feel to reach out via the contact details in the given email.

You can check your phone’s unlocked status by checking it with a different SIM card. In the event the phone doesn’t show any issues, you can be certain the unlocking worked.

Numerous clients have conveyed their satisfaction with Unlockriver.org. Take Brian from the U.S. as a model; he obtained his unlock code in just half an hour. Jason, a dweller of Spain, also had success, unlocking an AT&T iPhone in no more than 12 hours.

“Select recognized services like ours. There are platforms that might lure with a diminished price at the start but then abruptly hike the price when releasing the unlock code. Be wary of these.
With us, what you see in terms of price is exactly what you get, without any surprises. In the event that we can’t unlock your Samsung device, a total refund is promised.”

Frequent mistakes during unlocking can cause your phone to be permanently locked. It’s essential to have the right unlock code, ideally from a well-known service like ours. Facing issues with your Samsung’s code? Don’t worry; our support team is prepared to assist you.

Unlocking your Samsung phone through Unlockriver.org is a simple procedure.
Simply follow the steps outlined earlier, and you’ll encounter the perks of an unlocked phone.
If you’re considering on switching providers or improving your phone’s resale value, UnlockRiver.org is your go-to.