My Phone Won’t Charge or Turn On: What Should I Do?

my phone wont turn on

My Phone Won’t Charge or Turn On: What Should I Do?

For many people, their phone is an integral part of daily life.

So when it stops working or won’t charge, it can be a major inconvenience.

But don’t fret; there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the problem.

In this article, we’ll go over some common causes of this issue and offer step-by-step solutions to get your device up and running again.


Verify Charging Cable and Power Source

Before anything else, double-check both your charging cable and power source to make sure they’re securely attached.

If using a wall charger, try plugging it into another outlet; if using a USB cable to charge your phone, try plugging it into an alternate USB port.

If the issue lies with either component of the setup, this should solve it.


Perform a Hard Reset

If your phone won’t turn on or charge, consider performing a hard reset.

This will cause the device to shut down and restart, potentially fixing the issue.

Depending on the make and model of your phone, performing this procedure involves pressing and holding down several buttons at once; look up instructions specific to your model for performing this action.


Check for Software Updates

Another common cause of phones not turning on or charging properly is outdated software.

Check to see if there are any available for your model; if so, download and install them to resolve the problem and prevent future occurrences.


Remove the Battery (If Possible)

If your phone has a removable battery, try taking it out and reinserting it to see if that helps with charging issues.

Make sure the battery is inserted properly and securely for the best results.


Check for Water Damage

If your phone has been exposed to water, it could be the source of your issue.

Look for signs of water damage, such as a red sticker on the battery or around the SIM card slot.

If you see any indications, your device may be beyond repair; take it to an expert to see if there’s any way it can be fixed.


Try a Different Charger or Cable

If none of the above solutions work, try using another charging cable or charger.

Sometimes issues with cables and chargers may be due to malfunctioning, and switching them around may provide relief.


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Q1: Why won’t my phone turn on or charge?
There are several possible causes of why this could be happening. It could be an issue with the charging cable or power source, outdated software, water damage, or a defective battery.


Q2: What is a hard reset?
A: Hard resetting your phone to its factory defaults involves pressing and holding down certain buttons simultaneously, which may help fix problems such as charging issues.


Q3: How can I check for software updates on my phone?
To do this, go to the settings menu and look for “Software Update” or “System Update.” If any are available, you’ll be presented with an option to download and install them.


Q4: Can Water Damage Be Fixed?
A: It depends on how severe the damage is. If your phone has been exposed to water and there are visible signs of it, repair may not be possible. Consult a professional to see if there’s any chance of recovery.


Q5: What Should I Do if None of These Solutions Work?
A: If none of the above solutions work for your phone, it could be due to a hardware issue. In this instance, take it to a professional for diagnosis and repair. Backing up data regularly is recommended so you don’t lose important information in case the repair or replacement does require professional intervention.



A phone that won’t turn on or charge can be a frustrating issue, but there are several steps you can take to try and fix it.

Start by inspecting your charging cable and power source, performing a hard reset, and checking for software updates – if these solutions don’t work try removing the battery (if possible) checking for water damage or using another charger or cable.

If none of these solutions work then there may be an underlying hardware issue that needs professional repair; by following these steps you’ll get your device back up and running quickly without worrying about being without essential devices like phones!


I hope you found this article helpful and feel free to check out or other device troubleshooting blogs or unlock services.



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